Alex Car Shampoo & Wax 500 ml

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ALEX CAR SHAMPOO enriched with imported wax from Switzerland.

  • This wax coating work like as polish. As a result car color is more shiny and look like new.
  • Alex Wash and Wax enrich with powerful surfactant. So, it easily remove deep stain, oil etc
  • ALEX shampoo is highly concentrated. It creates good foaming in slighter amount.
  • It is PH neutral. So, not harmful for skin.
  • ALEX car shampoo is phosphate and Silicate (salt) free. So, it is not fading car color.
  • For wax coating in car, car being protected from ray of the sun.
  • For Using Alex shampoo car being dispute from dirt.
  • Manufactured in Bangladesh with best formulation.