Oxyclean Hospital Series 450 ml

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It is a cleaning agent (H202).

  • It kills all germs up to 99.99%.
  • It cleans blood stains quickly and effectively.
  •  It is used to clean bathroom, toilet, kitchen, hospital and school floors.
  •  It dissolves easily with water without leaving any residue.
  •  It is used to bleach dirty clothes, hotel/hospital beds linen clothes.
  •  It is a solution for cuts, wounds and abrasions.
  •  It can be applied to skin affected by food fungus each night to stop fungal    growth.
  •  It is chlorine free.
  •  It has no pungent smell / smell free.
  •  It is specially formulated for hospital grade.
  •  Made in Bangladesh.
  •  ISO 9001 certified.
  •  ISO 14001 certified.