Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions (Cropsy)

1. We request you to read to understand the “Terms of Use’’, as by accessing to this Website you are to agree to this ‘Terms of useof Cropsy. If you do not agree then, unfortunately, Cropsy will not be able to afford you any service.

2. The Terms of Use posted on cropsy.com.bd is an agreement between us (Cropsy-Website) and you (Visitors). On time-to-time, we may modify the Terms of Use for the customers’ convenience keeping pace with the contemporary e-market.

3. The Website reserves the right to terminate all the clauses of the Terms of Use without any prior notice and Cropsy  holds the right to revoke the access to your account (User ID and password) issued by our website and customer will not be able to use our Website from thereon in case of any mishap/mistreat.

4. To place an order, User is to provide accurate personal details and in case of any change, re-registeris required at the earliest for smooth dealing.

5. Cropsy Users are requested not to provide any false information or details of other person. In case of fake order or incorrect information, the person will be  liable of penalty.

6. In case of any unusual activity from any User’s account, the User will be liable for that and immediately access to the account will be denied. If you are not involved directly in the unusual activity via your account then you may inform us over support@cropsy.com.bd or call us over our hotline no 09 678 678 999

7. If the user is under the age of 18 years, the account will be deactivated automatically. Cropsy advises its Users not to share their account details with anyone under any conditions/circumstances

8. When the users are providing Data through forms it becomes property of Cropsy to use it. The information submitted by the Users may be used for promotional emails in  Cropsy Website.

9. Cropsy reserves the right to take action against anyone who intends to disparage or destroy Cropsey’s reputation or create confusion among its Users.

10. Cropsy holds the right to cancel any order in case a discrepancy is reported any time. You will receive a confirmation call from Cropsys Customer Service department to provide further information in case of indecision.

11. Cropsy will give correct details of available products on Website. In case of  mispricing in the mentioned price list, User may contact our Customer Service department for help. In case of unconfirmed order, Cropsy reserves the right to cancel or refuse delivery at its sole discretion.

12. Any changes in order or its related information would not be entertained at the end of packing and delivery as well as Users are advised to receive their order within the allotted time slot.

13. If the product runs out of stock; Cropsy will give priority to get back to you as soon as the restock of the product is available. In case of any untoward incident or unforeseen situation, there might be a delay tprocess an order. In that case, Cropsy will not be held responsible and Cropsy promises the best to resolve the absurdity at the earliest. Cropsy would be highly glad to hear from you. For queries and feedback, email us: support@cropsy.com.bd





Cropsy is concern about customers’ personal information. As such, we ensure you that we keep the information provided and honor your requests for confidentiality when you log in to www.cropsy.com.bdWebsite and mobile app.

1. This policy governs your privacy rights regarding our collection, storage and accumulation of your personal information (name, contact number, Emailing and postal address) in our website. This information is stored in an electronic database, which is for use onlyin Cropsy website.

2. We will therefore only use your name and other information which relates to you in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy. We will only collect relevantinformation where it is necessary for our dealings with you.

3. You can browse cropsy.com.bd without personal details as anonymous and at no time we can identify you unless you have an account in this Website and log in with your username/password.

4. We need to collect your personal details if you seek to place an order over our Website.

5. Whenever you interact on our site, we receive and store certain information in the form of ‘cookies’ which is basically done to enhance user experience. Cookies are basically placed on your hard drive and not on our site for record-keeping purposes.

6. As per this Privacy Policy as Terms of Use, we will generally collect your personal information from you or your authorized someone. We will also collect information by lawful and fair means and not in an unreasonably intrusive behavior.

7. We collect, store and process your data for processing your purchase order on our Website and to provide our discount/promotional offers.

8. We need your information to grant you a ‘’go ahead’’ signal with placing your order for product(s). We may use that data to process the payment for the product to deliver to you.

9. We may pass on your basic information (name, contact number and postal address) to a third party in order to make delivery of the product to you (e.g. courier service provider or delivery supplier).

10.  We may also use your data in order to collect payment from you or to clarify any query regarding the order placed by you.

11. Cropsy, ensures that access to customer information is limited to employees if not otherwise necessary. All employees are strictly committed to follow Privacy Policy.

12. Under no circumstances do we rent, trade or sell out your information to any other company  withoutyour prior consent.

13. We make efforts to ensure that your personal information is protected while you are on our Website. We have security procedures in the storage and disclosure or destruction of personal information, which are devised to protect from unauthorized access.

14. Cropsy website links to other social media platforms to collect information. In that case, Ccropsyshall not be held responsible for the loss of your data.

15. We are always improving and updating our Website to enhance shopping on our Website. As a result, our policies would be evolving with the time speed. As we update our Website and add new services, we will update our Privacy Policy accordingly.

16. To use our Website, we need your consent to our Privacy Policy. We appreciate your trust in us and we promise to protect data. Feel free to contact our customer service team for help! Shoot us an email to support@cropsy.com.bd or contact us over our hot line number 09 678 678 999

Return, Refund and Cancellation of Order:

Cropsy of VGL follows the Return, Refund and Cancellation procedure as per Mohamedan System(sold item is taken back). In order to maximize your satisfaction and provide you with a hassle-free experience, we have well-defined and transparent policy to return, refund and cancellation of order.

Our return policy varies categoricallyIn this respect, the customer is to pacify/satisfy/convince the Cropsy/Staff with sufficient reasonable cause as follows:

1. For Groceries: Return is possible within 3(three)days, after the package is delivered/received. The item must be as it was.
2. For Electronics and Toys: Return is possible within 24 hours, after the package is delivered/received. The item must be as it was.
3. For Mobile Phones: Return is possible within 7(seven) days after the package is delivered/received. The item must be as specified in the product description.
4. For Cosmetics: Return is possible within 3(three)days, after the package is delivered/received. The item must be neither used nor opened.
5. For Cancellation of Order: To cancel any order before dispatch/delivery, you are requested to call our call-center over hot line No 09 678 678 999         to give details of order to cancel it. In case, the item is delivered before cancellation, you may also cancel it by not receiving the parcel/delivery.


Customers action if any item is delivered  defective(Broken, leaking or expired)

 You are requested to check all the products quality and quantity at the time of delivery to avoid any misunderstanding. A claim of product quantity may not be entertained after delivery.


 The process for refund in case of return: 

Refund : For prepaid customers, refund will take place within 30(thirty) working days by the respective bank and for mobile wallet accounts, refund will take place within 7(seven) working days after the cancellation of order.

Cropsy requests its honorable customers to check all the products quality and quantity at the time of delivery/receive. Claim of product quality or quantity will not be entertained/evaluated after delivery. We will not be able to take back a product if it’s not as it was inside after opening.

If a product is unopened and if the quality is not up to the mark, the customer can return it at the time of delivery, but no later claim will be accepted.

Cropsy will not be responsible if you don’t like the product and want to return it,  until there is some quality issue.


Fresh Products like fruits and vegetables cannot be returned if once packed/delivered.


Cropsy Delivery Policy:

Days and time slot for delivery:

Cropsy is opened for operation in all  (seven ) days of the week.  Our delivery time slots are as follows:

Every day

10.00 am - 3.00 pm and 4.00 pm - 7.00 pm

If still, any of the slots is not being shown, it means we are fully booked for that slot and will be able to deliver your items in the next available time slot.

Delivery charges

Free delivery will be offered on every order over Delivery Rate by amount:


Inside Mirpur 21 tk upto order1499 tk .

1499+ tk : Free delivery

Ouside Mirpur 49 tk  

Delivery charge will be applied for every order. In case of excess orders, next day slot is removed. For deliveries outside Dhaka an additional amount will be charged according to the volume, weight and distance of delivery point.(Only for Dry Items)

Other Charges or hidden costs (sales taxes etc.)

There is no extra tax/charge or hidden cost. The price mentioned on the website is the final price.(All Vat Inclusive )

What happens for late delivery:

Cropsy assures its customers to try their best to deliver on time.  However, if it is late due to unavoidable circumstances like vehicle break down/traffic jam/political unrest /Natural disaster customer service team will get in touch with you to inform the reason of delay promptly.


In case of absence of customer at delivery point:

Cropsy tries to deliver the item in time as per the customer’s expected time slot. Cropsy requests its customers to inform any change of item/order/time/delivery point to Cropsy service point.However, if customer is unavailable at the delivery point without informing Cropsy then it will reschedule the delivery and an added charge of Tk 21 will be imposed for the second attempt of delivery.


How to change or remove your personal information:

You have right to change or remove your personal details by contacting Cropsy or by accessing the My account page. You may also contact our customer care team over support@cropsy.com.bd Or our hotline No 09 678 678 999 You may also request us to remove your personal information saved with Cropsy and  not to use your information in any way.

Security Precautions:

‘Security of information first’ – with this ideology,Cropsy is constantly working to keep information and documents protected and safe. We collect your information through a secure server and protect it from any unauthorized access , misuse or alteration of any information.


Acceptance of order:

Any order placed on our website is deemed to have been placed in accordance with the above-mentioned Terms and conditions and terms of Use and Cropsy takes it cordially.



a.    Eligibility:

Only 18+ years old and competent personnel are to enter into Cropsy website under legally binding agreement, other wise nobody can get in Cropsy website under laid laws, rules and regulations.

b.   Pricing:

All prices posted on this website are subject to change without notice. Prices of fresh fruits and vegetables changes daily basis hence, prices prevailing at commencement of placing the order will apply. Posted prices include all taxes and charges. In case of any additional taxes or charges the same will be mentioned on the website. All prices are maximum retail price (MRP) unless specified otherwise.


d.   Discounts and Coupons:

Each voucher/discount coupon may have certain conditions such as a minimum order amount, single use, validity for a specific time period. Upon entering the coupon code on the website bill amount is automatically adjusted as per the conditions of the coupon. You are eligible to use only one promotional/discount scheme at a time. Discount coupons are irreplaceable if lost or stolen and cannot be sold, refunded, exchanged, transferred, shared or returned. No reproduction of voucher code is permitted. Cropsy reserves the right to verify the coupon and declare it null and void if any duplication or fraudulent activity is suspected. All decisions of Cropsy with regards to the discount codes and promotional coupons are final.

e.    Payment:

All payments are to be made in full  in cash only in BDT at the time of delivery or earlier.

3.  Intellectual Property:

All material contained on this website and/or associated to this service is owned by or licensed to Cropsy. This material includes, but not limited to, design, layout, look, appearance, graphics and contents. Reproduction of any of the same in full/partially in any form is prohibited other than in accordance with the copyright notice, which forms part of these terms and conditions.